A day picnic is all you need to refresh your senses…

I was at home for Diwali this year and by home, I mean Vadodara where my mother stays these days after her retirement.

Hatni Mata Waterfall

Strange as it may sound, the region celebrates Diwali by holidaying for the next five days starting the second day of the festival and most of the markets are closed. So, we had nowhere to go or shop around the city and therefore we decided to go for a day picnic.

Re-fuelling on the way

At about 80 km from Baroda (Vadodara) town, this isolated waterfall feels like an oasis in the desert. Situated amidst the hills and surrounding jungle makes it one of most sought after spot by youngsters and couples. Though it is always crowded, yet there is a place for everyone here.

Holding together

On reaching the spot we found that it wasn’t much developed, and you must bring everything on your own. There aren’t many shops or spots to sit and have a picnic.  Nevertheless, the rustic location and nature around the fall make up for it beautifully.

The Magnificant Fall

The waterfall is about 100 meters long falling off a cliff and is most dense during the monsoons. The name of the waterfall is kept by the locals after a giant rock resembling an elephant. The hidden temple behind the rocks in the cave is also dedicated to Hathni Mata named after that rock.

Testing the waters!

There are a lot of small fishes in the pond where the water gets collected. You can sit on the rocks and dip your feet in the water if you do not wish to hike up the hill for a shower under the fall. Since the weather was still hot, showering under fall was refreshing to the core. The fall was not so dense and therefore we could climb up and enjoy the trickling stream for a long time. Do remember to wear sneakers to not slip on the already slippery rocks. Walking barefoot might hurt as well. You can opt to wear bathroom slippers but hold on to them as they might get swayed with the gushing stream flowing down.

Enjoying the Splash!

There are no restaurants or hotels in the vicinity of the waterfall, and it is open until the sun sets in. You must carry all essentials like food, water, towels (if you wish to shower under the fall), changes of clothes, medicines, and anything that you might need during your stay at the waterfall. There is a family that allows visitors to use their washroom and change clothes at a charge of 10 Rs per person.

Immersed in the enjoyment!

You can also climb to the top of the road on the other side of the fall to get an aerial view of the location. If you enjoy being in the lap of nature, you should visit this place whenever you are in Baroda.

Leave by morning to spend the whole afternoon at leisure and come back by evening. This will give you enough time to relax and enjoy the place for what it is meant to be. A hush visit will not leave you with much joy.

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Happy Traveling!

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