Who I’am

Hi All,

This is to all my readers, old and new or those who came across my blog by chance and found it little interesting to continue reading it.

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My name is Mansee Kumar and I’m a freelance writer and a new born travel junkie. The road ahead is not just less traveled but rather unknown for me. I was not born a Nomad but gradually became one when life threw me off guard where I experienced the unknown.

Like I said, traveling came by chance to me and I used that experience into writing.

Professionally I’m an HR and Process Management person and juggle between Dubai & India for work as well as leisure. I have worked in countries like UK, UAE & Australia and have traveled to Greece, Turkey, Bali, Melbourne, Dubai, parts of North India to name a few and you will come across these in my writings.

Writing to me didn’t come naturally as it happens with most of the writers. But I’ve worked towards it and hope to inspire many people with my travel stories to pack their bags and step out.

I would love to get feedback from my readers on my blogs. Use the  Contact Us page to send me your suggestions.

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