All you need to know about Siam Niramit – Phuket

Sitting by the fancy restaurant for lunch on the shores of the Patong Beach in Phuket; I took my phone to check out the places worth visiting while we were on the island for the next 3 days.

Since it was already afternoon, we did not have much time in hand. Luckily, I came across Siam Niramit – a popular show that is highly rated by everyone. When I researched more about it, it resembled something like ‘Kingdome of Dreams’ if you know what I mean. People staying in Delhi & Gurugram (India) would surely know about it. However, the description and the list of activities included were much more than that and included dinner as well. Little did we know that the artists have also performed in IIFA as well and there is a wall dedicated to the Indian Cinema.

Siam Niramit

After a short discussion, my friend and I decided to finally go and spend the evening at Siam Niramit. We booked our tickets on The site/app offers amazing deals and you can get the pricing in INR, so you have an idea about how much you are spending on any activity and whether it is worth it or not as per your budget. Our deal included hotel transportation & dinner along with the show which cost us around 2k per person. The deals also depend on the tourist season. Therefore, book in advance if you like.

At the Entrance of the Show

The Entrance –

Though the show starts at 8:30 PM, it is advised to reach early by 5:30 PM to enjoy the pre-show activities including the below mentioned.

Posing with the Performers before the Show

On reaching the location we were greeted warmly by the performers themselves who gladly posed for pictures with all guests.

The Central Parade Ground
Phuket is more than just a cluster of jaw-dropping islands. There is much more the island has to offer. Explore Phuket by enjoying a show at Siam Niramit. Here what you should know before booking the show tickets -
Lake in the Background

We then passed through the souvenir shops that were vividly decorated with handicrafts and symbols representing the spirit of Thailand. The set up of the whole area was decorative and beautiful in its own way. Looking across the dragon fountain in the backdrop, was a lake. The calm backwater lake lit beautifully as the sun went down.

Feeding the Elephants

The ground was left open for us to get clicked with elephants and roam around to overlook the lake.

Learning to make Pandan Leaf Flowers

The sideways from the ground led to the floating village. When you talk about Thailand, you cannot help mentioning the floating villages across the country.

Entrance to the Floating Village

The Floating Village –

The Floating Village

The set-up to represent the northern & the southern country life of Thailand was no less than real. Each aspect of the village was artistically sketched. It felt like living in one for real. There were ponds with fishes, vegetable markets on boats, houses with actual set up and villagers across this village to show you around. You can also try the traditional Thai costumes if you like.  


We fed the fishes and spoke to villagers to understand how they lived back in those days. It is always nice to connect with the people of the country or place that you visit.

Inside the Thai Homes

The Exotic Buffet –

Soon after a sneak-peek into the lifestyle and culture of Thailand, we were escorted upstairs for dinner. To be honest I never wanted to include dinner for the fact that it wouldn’t be worth it. But again, to my surprise, it was a well-arranged huge spread of an elaborate menu that catered to all kinds of taste. Be it Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, or Indian. Yes, there was a counter for Indian food including Paneer, Dal, Naan, Pooris, Pulao and even kheer. Though I prefer having local food from the places I visit, I couldn’t help taking a bite of the dal and poori.

Inside the Village

The dessert section was exhausting, to begin with. Assorted sweets were tempting to the fullest. Do include the dinner on your ticket and you will not be disappointed at all. Since we were busy gorging on food, we forgot to take any pictures of it. You should visit to experience it on your own!!!

Muay Thai –

Ksds Learning the Art of Boxing – Muay Thai

When we came down after dinner, we could see the boxers preparing for a duel. There was a ring where the Thai boxers depicted their fighting skills and it was a delight to watch them. It is a complicated art and often called the ‘art of eight limbs’ making use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins and is concluded by striking in the standing position most of the time.

Outside the Central Courtyard

The Elaborate March –

Soon after we finished entertaining ourselves with selfies across the village and watching the boxing, we were distracted by a loud thumping of the drums. It looked like a procession of a Maharaja. We settled on the stairs to witness it and indeed it was a Grand Procession approaching the center. There were dancers, elephants, artists and the torchbearers covering the whole ground. It was a grand welcome for the audience before taking them for the finale.

The Procession

Tip: make sure you sit in the center of the parade ground to get a full view of the performers once they stop. Also, the audience is invited to take pictures with the artists, so get in quickly before it becomes crowded and your pictures have a lot of people in it but you.

Selfie after the March

The Finale –

After the royal march, it was time for the final show. We were taken to the auditorium and seated as per our seat numbers and class. The stage was already set up for various acts. Unfortunately, cameras are not allowed and therefore, I do not have any pictures of the show. However, you can vividly imagine the magnificent show by the pre-show entertainment photos and the one below from the website.

Colorful Umbrellas

The show was of 1.5 hrs and every act was mesmerizing. What I mostly remember is when a stream of water appears in the middle of the set and another act where there is a thunderstorm. The paddy fields turn green from pale yellow after the rains. The art of how they depicted each scene was commendable to the end.

On Our Way to the Theatre

The plot was not very clear, and I would’ve preferred a manual before the show to see how different acts connect the plot. However, the special effects and the artists kept it going and it didn’t bore me for a moment.

Fun with the Villagers

You can opt for Gold if not Platinum (these are in the center and the best) seats to enjoy the show to the fullest as the artists walk up to the audiences to dance on the stairs and you can have a closer look at them.

Well, this is all from my side on Siam Niramit.

Do let me know your views if you happen to visit Siam Niramit. Till then Bon Voyage!!!

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