Am I a Foodie?

I wouldn’t say I’m a foodie if it ever means eating anything and everything in large quantity but I like trying new food with my own limitations which constitutes elimination of certain vegetable and living beings. I would rather let them be appetizing for someone else than gulping them down in a desperate claim to be a foodie.

To top the fact that I’m not a foodie because of my very limited appetite that of a grazer, my knowledge of food is also limited. But here I’m writing my first piece on food. Never say never is something I have started to believe in and my love or rather liking towards trying new cuisines has increased over time owing to my family’s love for food. I love cooking for them as they like trying and tasting new food and willingly become guinea pigs for my experiments with food.

When I thought of writing about food and along the way learning more about it, the first thing that came to my mind was the tiffin box that we shared in school. Going back to the time when tasting various delicacies was not about high end career or review blogs but much simpler than that. It was about bonding with friends in school. Sharing each others lunch box and sometimes also rushing to the canteen to share a samosa before the recess was over. It was ready made pot luck where none of us contributed in the making but still claimed it to be ours (my tiffin). It was Limited Edition food with limited time and every day the menu changed for most of us at least.

The fifteen minutes of food fiesta was much awaited event of our everyday school life. I may have been to finest of restaurants and diners now but Lunch time in school days was the main socializing event in the whole day. Yes of course bunking classes was another one but food went missing in those.

No one can beat our ever ready mothers in satiating the demands of their children especially if it is food related. They not only just prepare but indulge in the process so that their kid is satisfied. Well, sometimes overfed and sometimes double in quantity to be shared with boarders as well who would go months without having home cooked meals.

Lunch Box
Lunch Box

I recollect having Dosa & Idli sitting in the back bench before starting of the class (Raag, this one is for you), and if my memory permits I also remember having aloo in various forms (this goes to Charu, as it was staple in her tiffin) methi parantha, cheese sandwiches, poha, butter bread, bread rolls, sweets, koki (Sapna & Dimple) and many more and to top it all sometimes it was just plain Maggie. I wonder whether kids today take Maggie in their tiffin. Well, thanks to the lifting of the ban on poor Maggie but it was and is still one of my favorites.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start my journey of reviewing restaurants and various delicacies going forward than a eulogy to my classmates, friends and companions with whom I have shared innumerable memories over food. I would call it intellectual nourishment.