Australia: here I come! – Visa Granted

Australia is speeding up not only for its education but also in terms of tourism for many Indian travelers. There is much to explore in this far away country-cum-continent in itself. Though it is three times the size of India, yet is scarcely populated. This provides room for much exploration for lonely travelers as well as big groups to enjoy the wild side of the country.

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When I received my Grants Notification email within a weeks’ time, I couldn’t believe it. I was not expecting it for another ten days or so as I was told the visa process may take up to 15 working days.

The rules of visa are fair but strict. Many stay away from traveling to the continent due to the distance. But I’m sure, once you visit Australian cities, you will love them for the blend of colonialism and neo-architectural structures compiled beautifully together.

If you wish to read about traveling around the country, read my journey of The Great Ocean Road, City of Gold – Bendigo or Natural Springs @ Daylesford.

I’m not sure if my application location was the factor here as I applied for my tourist visa to Australia from Dubai – UAE. It was pretty straight forward and easy. Getting an Australian visa is hassle free and quick if your documents are in place.

Here is how I went about my application –

VFS is the place where you need to apply for your Australian visitor visa – subclass 600. Tourism includes holidays, recreation and seeing family or friends. I walked into the VFS centre with all my documents already in place. You can download the form 1419 here or collect it at the VFS like I did. After filling my form, I waited for my turn.

Here is the list of documents you will need with the application –

  • Filled in Form No. 1419 (Application for a Visitor visa- Tourist stream)
  • I paid my fee of AED 700 (Charges in India – 7200 INR approx. plus VFS charges) through my Credit Card. DD is the only acceptable form of payment in India in the name of ‘Australian High Commission”.
  • Photocopies of all printed pages of my passport and Notarized
  • Photocopy of my birth certificate/Age proof
  • A 45mmX35mm passport sized photograph glued to the form
  • My plane tickets
  • A simple itinerary mentioning rough dates and the places I wanted to visit
  • A letter from your sponsor if any in Australia who will take care of your stay
  • My bank statement showing enough money to cover for my trip
  • IT Proof – I did not require this as I was working in UAE
  • Copies of my payslips of the past three months
  • Proof of leave from employer may be required
  • Travel insurance

For more details on documentation, agent assistance and visa centres in your city, click here.

I got all my documents inspected and received a token number. The number of document required in India are far more than what I submitted for my application. You can also get your documents notarized at VFS at extra cost. Also, you can get your photographs clicked at VFS, of course the charges are more that you would pay outside.

After waiting for almost 30 minutes, I was called for Bio-metric and Eye screening. Post that, I returned home. That was it. There was so much to pack for the Down Under travel!