It wasn’t very long ago but going to a cafe all by myself was not my thing at all. ‘Everyone else has company’, I thought to myself.

After much overthinking, and not being able to sit at home anymore, I finally went out for a coffee alone.

I nervously entered the café looking for a seat and pretended to be on the phone so as to avoid any unwanted stares. Contrary to my assumption, the whole room was bustling with people and nobody seemed to care who is doing what. Still being careful, I quickly looked around to find a nice corner where I could sit.

As I made myself comfortable, I also noticed that not all the people in the cafe were with their friends or somebody they knew. Some were sitting alone and working on their computers, some were, may be waiting and there were few who were enjoying their own solitude.

Within few minutes I also became a part of that unknown crowd and it didn’t seem so difficult now. There were many like me and from where I was seated I could watch almost everyone around. I waited for my coffee while observing those on the other tables. To look busy, I opened my notebook and started writing random thoughts and my observations about the place.

Soon enough, I felt a tap on my shoulder and when looked around, she greeted me and asked if she can have a seat next to me. Since I had no one with me, I gladly offered her to sit. By all means it was going to be empty till I was there. We both out of obligation or being nice to each other for a moment, exchanged few words and then some more when our orders were served. From coffee to rains in Mumbai we swiftly moved through several topics covering politics, shopping, movies and it turned out that she was also new in Mumbai just like me.

Unknowingly we connected and went on talking and before I left, we exchanged numbers to be in touch and made plans to meet again. I realized that I was not alone anymore in this cafe or otherwise. I also had company now.

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