Do You have a Bucket List? Here is how you can start one…

The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another – Alexander Graham Bell

If you are like my old self, where I didn’t live by my personal goals except professionally speaking, chances are you spend most of your days going through the same chores day after day. Okay, let me start by asking you, ever felt that your days are passing you by without any tangible output to speak of? I felt it some years ago, and that’s when I decided to create my Bucket List. Having a bucket list reminds me of what’s really important to experience. My new self that you see today is the result of this list which I wholeheartedly want to accomplish.

My bucket list is huge. Yes, like, really huge. I’m not sure if I will be able to complete it in this life, but I’ve already started it ticking off few things. It goes beyond the confines of my profession, relationships, health, and everyday goals. My bucket list contains all small and big things which I always wanted to do. While my professional goals are very important to me, as well as my relationships, yet my list gives me a personal joy of achievement. This joy is at a different level altogether.

There is no race against time when I say about accomplishing the items on my list. I may or may not be able to complete it. But I’m happy that I have a list of things I want to experience. Experience is what stays with us rather than materialistic things.

Here is how you can create your own bucket list in no time. Ask yourself the below questions and you will see that the answers will come to you automatically.

  1. What would you wish you could do before you die?
  2. What things would you do if you had unlimited time, money and resources?
  3. What have you always wanted to do but have not done yet?
  4. What are your biggest goals and dreams?
  5. What/who do you want to see in person?
  6. What activities or skills do you want to learn?
  7. What would you like to say/do together with other people?
  8. What do you want to achieve in the different areas: Social, Love, Family, Career, Finance, Health, and Spiritual?
  9. Which place you would like to travel?

Your bucket list is meant to be a list of everything you want to achieve, do, see, feel, own and experience in your life. Here is my broad list to start with. You can narrow down the list as much as possible to just write particular things or places. This might help you get inspired and start your own one day –

  1. Travel –
    Pic Source – Trotwithme

    I would like to travel to as much places around the world as possible. I have been traveling to various countries now and it’s too early to stop. Travel has made me wiser, culturally adaptable and has broad my perspective towards a whole bunch of things.

  2. Learn a New Language –
    Pic Source – Huffington Post

    I have realized that I’m a shy person when it comes to speaking a different language than my own. That is why I want to learn a new language and practice it.

  3. Have a Surprise Birthday Party –
    Pic Source – Trotwithme

    Though this one is not in my hands but I wish my siblings and friends read my post and apply it soon.

  4. Shop in New York like Crazy –
    Pic Source – New York Mall

    Though I’m not keen on shopping every time I step out, but I will surely turn into a shopaholic when in the city.

  5. Own a Tiffany Ring –
    Pic Source – 3QuarksDaily

    I wish to own a Tiffany ring for myself.

  6. See the Northern Lights –
    Pic Source- Clipartfest

    Now that I have started to travel, I wish I could travel that far to bear such cold weather and wait for the lights to show on me.

  7. Publish a Book –
    Pic Source – Trotwithme

    It’s been a long due dream. Sometime back I didn’t have an idea about what to write. But now I have put down my thoughts and I hope to finish it soon.

  8. Volunteer in Dharamshala –
    Pic Source – Dalai Lama Dharamshala

    I never thought this would be on my list. But of-late I often want to go on a solo trip to Dharamshala and volunteer some teaching or other social work for those who are not privileged enough to have quality education.

  9. Complete my PhD –
    Pic Source – 3QuarksDaily

    I love upgrading myself in terms of education. I feel lively around colleges and universities. The aura of classrooms has always attracted me.

  10. Play a Musical Instrument –
    Pic Source- Clipartfest

    I just feel it would be nice to learn something to play to amuse others at times.

Well, my list can go on. What about yours? Pick that pen and start jotting your favorite things to do in the coming time. Remember, you live only once. So if not you, then who? If not now, then when?

Share your list with me in your comments below. I would love to take your suggestions…