Here is how you can enjoy your holiday by traveling light!

I was not a born nomad. But over the years I have learnt to be and travel light. Where my siblings and friends need a whole lot of thirty kg allowance of baggage to travel for a weekend celebration, I do not carry more than my cabin luggage for a week’s travel. Now I don’t mean to wear unwashed clothes repeatedly but I have fashioned my needs to minimum requirement.

I don’t travel luxury class very often, but I’m not always a backpacker either. I love to experiment with new options and survive on the available resources to make the best of my journey. Here are some tips you can use to travel fashionably as well as light at the same time –

  1. Versatility of Clothes –
Same color scheme to match better

Carry a pair of jeans with 5-6 different kinds of tops. You can crossover according to the occasion. Carrying versatile and matching colors can help you. If you wear Indian clothes, then you can team-up several Kurtis with white or black leggings. A wrap-a-around skirt  can be used for beach as well as strolling in the city.

  1. Less is more –

Carry only two pairs of foot-wares including your sneakers. Heels are for formal gatherings. Carry them only if you know you are going to attend one. Think about the activities you will be engaging while on your trip. This will give you an idea of what you absolutely need.

  1. Use of Tote –

Keep your makeup pouch in your tote. This will be handy as well as spare the space in your suitcase. I always carry miniatures to save space. You can also buy small empty bottles and fill them with you shampoo and condition to avoid carrying bulky jars which you use at home. Investing in compact make-up kit will never go waste if you travel frequently.

  1. Rolling your Clothes –

Roll your clothes and place them in the center of the suitcase. Use the sides for accessories. Filling your shoes with them is also a great idea to save space. Finally keep your jackets or clothes that might wrinkle on the top. I picked this idea from one of my friend. and since then I have been rolling my clothes to saves lot of space.

  1. Advance packing –
Travel Bag – Pic Source – Ebay

Pack everything in advance, to have enough time for any last-minute changes if required. Packing light for the first time may make you anxious of not packing enough. But trust me, with practice you will love to travel light and just enjoy carrying only hand luggage.

Following these tips will surely help you to save space and carry less weight while you wander around carefree. Please share if you have more tips on traveling light.

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