Here is why Cambodia should be on top of your travel list…

Bar Street in Siem Reap

When I was looking for a cheap place to travel in the southeast, I chanced upon Cambodia on the map and decided to google about it before making any travel plans.

BB Angkor Green Resort

Initially, I was only traveling to Pattaya & Phuket with a couple of friends, but then we decided to chuck Pattaya and instead head to Cambodia for an off-beat trip. Initially, we were not sure about it other than Angkor Wat. But it turned out to be my most amazing trip so far. Check out the details why?

The Porch outside my Cottage

Once we finished the Phuket and Bangkok part of our travel, our next destination was Siem Reap in Cambodia. We booked our tickets from DMK (Don Mueang Airport) in Bangkok to Siem Reap. It was just an hour-long flight and before we could settle in, we were already in Cambodia.

View of the Tonley Lake

Cambodia is known for many things and one of which is the most well-known – Angkor Wat. This was our prime source of attraction to visit Siem Reap. However, we were surprised to explore many other things besides Angkor Wat. Let’s explore why I recommend visiting Siem Reap once in your life –

Angkor Wat

1. Angkor Wat –

This goes without saying and by far it is true. The temple site is a marvel and you will enjoy the most if you go there in the wee hours to witness the sunrise.

5 AM view of the Temple

You can buy the tickets at the counter just before your tour. Cash and card are excepted. Ask your driver to take you to the ticket counter before you begin your tour. Many sites may sell you cheaper tickets but do not buy from any source other than the actual counter or official site of the temple. The ticket price is 37$ each for a 3-day pass and 62 $ for a 7-day pass.

Tonley Sap in the Background

2. Tonle Sap Lake –

Boats around the Lake

This is one of the largest freshwater lakes in South-East Asia and houses many floating villages. Take a ride to the floating village to have freshly cooked lunch and then head to the mangroves for a boat ride. Our boat rider was a 14-year-old schoolgirl who worked part-time after her school was over. She maneuvered swiftly through the trees while we tried looking for birds and monkeys. Both sides of the lake were houses with hammocks as a common piece of decoration or furniture. And in the middle of the lake, was a Buddha temple.

Floating Village

3. The Tuk-Tuk Ride –

Unlike Bangkok, the Tuk-Tuk rise here was cheap and safe. We booked a Tuk-Tuk for the whole day and he happily took us to all the places we asked him to. End of the day we paid him 20$ and he was happy to come back the next day.

When the Dusk shows

4. Food –

Crocodile Steak

If you are a food lover, there is absolutely no dearth of amazing lip-smacking food. Be it restaurants or roadside joints, you will enjoy the food to its last bite. I happened to try the Crocodile Steak and I loved it. It was served with fried and some salad on the side. The meat is a little chewy and since it was steak, it was well cooked. Try the steak with cocktail jar while sitting in any of the roof-top restaurants on the pub street in town.

Spring rolls

5. The Art Box –

Just before the Fall
Judgment Day

This was something we chanced upon while searching for attractions around Siem Reap. The ticket is 10$ per person and it is worth going for. This Art Box will provide you with a lifetime supply of Insta posts. The 3D images are more than worth taking pictures with. You can use your imagination and go wild clicking photos in every way possible. We didn’t realize it was 2 hrs before we decided to come out. With Wonders of the World on each wall, you can go bonkers here.

Finally, I found the Treasure…Yayy!!!
Eternal Kiss…

This is what I did during my short and memorable visit to Cambodia. If you have been to this country, do share your experience and places of interest. I will cover the Angkor Wat Tour in my next post.

With BFF

Till then Bon Voyage!!!

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