Lasithi Plateau in Crete is much more than just Wind Mills

The more I talk about Greece, the more I want to visit it again. While I was there, I was too busy with my studies to fully enjoy the beauty of the island. Now, that I speak to my friends about my stay in Crete, I remember it fondly.


Sometime people don’t even believe that I have been to this country. Is it too rare to visit? Or is it because its most popular and people only keep waiting to take a trip to this endless beauty surrounded by Mediterranean waters. Think no more and save quickly to plan a trip to this coastal town. For much more than just good food and beaches await you.

One of my visit on a lazy summer weekend was a trip to Lasithi Plateau. Approximately, 70 km from Heraklion, the plateau lies at an average altitude of 850 m above sea level. Stretching far beyond my eyes could see, the beauty of the plateau is captivating. It is one of the many things you should not miss while in Crete.

Wind Mills

Spotted with countless windmills with white canvas sails across the length and breadth of the place, I got my perfect postcard picture to send home. These windmills are put to use for irrigation and energy yielding purposes for the region.

Reaching here is easy from Agios Nikolaos, Agios Geogios, and Psyhro as well. Check for the updated prices of the buses before you plan. If you are a bike enthusiast, make it more fun and thrilling by taking a ride through the hairpin turns on the road that wriggles like a snake on the mountain. It serves both the rider and the pillion as the view is enchanting and I bet you won’t forget it for a very long time.


I too couldn’t help but stop en-route to absorb the vastness of the ocean from the mountain top. I could just sit there for hours and admire the magnificent beauty of nature we have been bestowed with. Traveling further we cross the tunnel which finally takes us to the plateau. One crosses many points from where you can capture the splendor of the island in your camera forever.

Tunnel on the way to Lasithi

The plateau is surrounded by mountains and these mountains had several villages spread around. Going by odds of the village life around the plateau, I wasn’t surprised to see donkeys used for rides up to the cave. But for those who took the ride, their expressions told me it was much fun.

Mountains in the Background
Whispering to a Donkey!

It was my first visit to a cave and what better place to visit than the cave of King of Gods – Zeus. The cave reflected the intriguing Greek Mythology. Numerous caves were there in the mountains of Dikte which were the hiding place for Zeus.

Psychro Cave – Birth of Zeus

My adventure of climbing down the stairs which were only supported by ropes on either side ended soon enough after I heard stories of people getting stuck in the cave. Though there are guides to take care of you, it is always advisable to stick together with your group and not wander around alone in seek of adventure.


The stalagmites textured the whole cave beautifully and made it even more interesting to admire. Several shapes and sizes of the stone were hanging from the ceiling of the cave. The walls of the cave were wet and water was dripping from scattered thread life drifts which made it cold.

Myth or no myth, I’m sure the cave must be different than what it is today with baby Zeus and his mother hiding in the cave long back.

Following the guide, I completed my tour. Once I came out of the cave in the light, staying in seemed more desirable. The weather had changed outside, and from cloudy it was sunny now.

I headed to the nearest place for lunch by the beach with my group. It turned out to be an Aquarium which had restaurants and shops. The day so far had been amazing and I was all set for a beautiful evening ahead.

The Aquarium







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