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What can I write so differently about a city which has been there since time immemorial? And what should I write that others have not yet written about it?

London – Wikipedia

But one thing I learned during my London trip was that you cannot get bored here even if you want to? Having said that, I believe there is something for everyone. And if you are a sucker of old architecture and history, London is the place to be.

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I couldn’t help looking out of the window on my way to the hotel from Heathrow Airport. At first, the hustle-bustle of the city bugged me a bit but as soon as I blocked the outside noise and concentrated a bit, I could see the historical buildings, bridges, and monuments welcoming me with open hearts.

I soon began to mentally plan my stay and especially the mornings, for the next week that I was to be here. My to-do list always has room for unconventional things and outings apart from what is expected for a tourist to see.

I always believe in starting my day early morning to enjoy the glory of the city when it slowly opens its eyes for a bright day ahead. The mornings are raw and not made up.

I made Westminster Abbey as my starting point followed by 10 Downing Street, (of course you can’t see the Minister), Horse guards for a picture and then I moved to Banqueting House which is on the other side of the road. Crossing the Royal Park, I went to have a look at the Buckingham Palace which has been the home of Monarchy since 1762.

Westminster – VisitBritain

When in London, the best way to explore the town is to walk. Every now & then I took a break and sat on one of the many benches in places all over the city for rest. I could feel the difference in the air which was fresh & cold enough to soothe my nerves and clear my mind. The city is exactly how we see it in movies and nothing changes here very often.

Sitting by the pond, I looked at the marvelous buildings around me and felt good to be in the city. As I looked around again, I couldn’t help but wonder how it would be to transform everything back to the Victorian era with all new technology in hand. It would be lovely to see men wearing a hat and women dressed in lacy gowns doing their daily chores. Trams running in the middle of the road which has been replaced by the London Underground. Horse carriages to carry us around and buying things by the penny.

Trafalgar Square – Wikipedia

Coming back to the present, apart from walking down the cobbled streets to discover Gothic and Victorian architecture, I got pulled by their living style, English mannerisms, and dressing sense. Having said that, I clearly have not forgotten that the English once ruled my country and we got it back with a heavy cost of lives and wealth. But as a traveler, I’m here to see what they have preserved for others to see.

Geared up with more energy after my coffee, I headed to the Mall which has a tall granite column called the Duke of York Column. Passing the Institute of Contemporary Arts, I reached The Trafalgar Square which is almost like a crowded island at any time of the day. Being the center of London, all distance measure to this point from any town in England.

Duke of York Column – TripAdvisor

National Gallery occupies the northern side of the square and houses the most prominent pieces of art. With just a few minutes of walk, you can witness a gamut of interesting historical figures, including the royalty.

National Gallery London – Wikipedia

Just over a quarter mile to the northeast, is the popular Covent Garden Market which has everything from specialty shops, fashion boutiques, including a series of historic market halls. These were fortunate to be saved from the planned demolition in 1974. Today, these old market halls are counted among the most popular attractions of London.

Covent Garden – Wikipedia

When you are here in the market, don’t forget to visit the old flower market housing the London Transport Museum which is a heritage of historic buses, trolleys, trains, trams, and taxis. In addition to these, it also allows displays its visitors to journey & growth of transport facilities through the ages in London

London Transport Museum – Getty Images

The five-street junction from the Hay market street is one of the busiest parts of the city and is known as the Piccadilly Circus. Running west from the circus is the city’s most fashionable street: Piccadilly. At the center of the junction, stands the Shaftesbury Memorial commemorating the Earl of Shaftesbury. The bronze fountain is topped by an aluminum archer known as Eros.

Piccadilly Circus – Wikipedia

Well, this is just the beginning and I guess I must explore the rest of the London on some other day. Of course, you should never try to cover this city in a hurry.  So, watch out for my next post to explore the city further.

Till then Adios!

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