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Event blogging is what I explored while traveling to metro cities. It is one of the way to connect and meet new people while getting to know whats happening around the city. Sharing my experience about various events in Mumbai gave me few friends, good and bad experiences and above all, lots of fun knowing the city. Below are few of the events I covered during my 6 months stay in the city. 

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Recent Events Covered –

What is Mumbai’s Coolness Quotient in terms of space, culture, films and much more? I got a chance to know it through the work of few people who believe in Mumbai and its larger than life heart to accommodate every kind of person. Lets see what their story is –  Click below to read more –



World Fest 2016 – Mumbai

Going around the world is easier than you think! Read on how to experience it in the comfort of your own city….Click below to read more –WorldFest 2016



Crossword Book Awards – 

Raymond-Crossword Book Awards
Reading books give us inspiration, hope, motivation, confidence & dreams. Isn’t it important for us to appreciate our favorite authors and applaud for their hard work. Below is my experience of the book awards brought together for our very own Indian Writers by Raymond & Crossword Book Store. #Crossword #Raymond #Indianwriters#Readingisgood #books #inspiration #Applauseforindianauthors



Tata Literature Fest – 2016 – Mumbai 

Tata Lit-Fest 2016Thankfully literature does not discriminate on basis of cast and religion. Nor does it come in any one particular language. It has kept its doors open for all those who seek solace in it.
It was my first visit to a Literature Festival & I was overwhelmed to see so many art enthusiast come together not just to promote, but also to share their learning & experience. Click below to read more –



Drum Jam

Drumming Jam @ Carter Road – Mumbai

Last Sunday was Drum Therapy and after that was Drunk Therapy…. for all those who missed the Bandra Wine Festival can read about the event in my write up below-

Bandra wine Festival @ Carter Road – Mumbai



Create your own happy place to be: NGT Meetup

Nat Geo Meet Up

“If you want to be happy, be”, said Leo Tolstoy. But for many the question remains; how do we achieve it? For me it comes from traveling. And therefore, I associate my happiness with places where I feel happy. Places unlike people do not leave you. You can visit them repeatedly and continue feeling happy. Click below to read more –



Welcome Santa

How much ever you like to holiday abroad or settle in foreign countries, staying in India has its own rewards. Being a multi-cultural country, the citizens of India celebrate most of the festivals beyond the boundaries of religion. Individual notions apart, going with popular view I too believe in- who needs a reason when it’s time for celebration! Click below to read more –

Here comes the Santa !

Christmas Festival – 2016 – Mumbai


Drink Beer think Beer! 

Heights of Indian Standard Time was seen lately (pun intended!) when the Oktoberfest was organized in December. I guess, traveling from Munich to Mumbai took all this time. Whatever the reason, the better the weather, the more enjoyable it becomes. Click below to read more –

Oktober Fest – Race Course Mumbai

Beer Festival in Mumbai 


Salsa All Night – 

In the middle of the week I chanced upon this interesting event which took me straight to the land of Mardi Gras blended with Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba and many more with a Latin twist.

In merriment on the completion of four years of tireless work in bringing together Salsa enthusiasts of the city, Mary Lobo & Derek P. Spencer played perfect host to the event Happy Four Years. To join their page on Facebook, you can search for Latin Twist’ by Mary & Derek.   

Salsa on Weekdays is much fun

Salsa through the night!


Brewing good times!

Brewing Good times!

Gone are the days when matches were said to be made in heaven. Times have changed and so have the rules of dating. The traditional courtship is now undermined and hook-ups have become casual. Marriage is no more a goal to be achieved and rather insignificant for quite a few. Few casual drinks have replaced a movie-and-dinner on a first date. Social Media has played the biggest game changer in the name of finding our soul mate. Click below to read more –

Brewing good Times


The Ballard Estate Festival

Bringing Cultures closer

Bombay Times once again brought life to the heritage district of South Mumbai with its signature weekend celebration Ballard Estate Festival on 26-27 November 2016. With all quintessential ingredients of a festival and more, Ballard Estate was buzzing with movie lovers, artists, comedians, foodies, and shopaholics. It was a win-win situation as there was no entry fee except for the concert; for which the passes could be won by participating in various competitions at the festival.

Ballard Estate Festival 


The Night Market 

The Night Market – Bandra

Most of the things I buy are either carefully researched online or bought randomly at flea markets. One such opportunity came by when I visited the Night Market organized by Eat around the Corner in Bandra this Friday night. The timing of the market was perfect for a cosy evening with friends after work. Click below to read more –

When you are looking for a reason to go out,along comes the Night Market!