Thailand Visa – Easy to get & easy to travel to…

Of all the countries that I have traveled so far, Thailand was the easiest when it comes to applying for a Tourist Visa. 

Filling the Form – 

Though many travelers prefer to pick the application form at the Airport, I prefer downloading it from the website  and keeping it handy with me. Keeping a ready form filled with you can save you a lot of time. While other passengers will be busy finding a pen to fill their forms, you will already be in the queue ahead. Also, make sure you stick your photograph while filling the form. 

Documents Required – 

The list of documents for Thai Visa is not a long one. All you need is the following – 

  • Passport (validity 6 months)
  • Filled Application Form
  • Copy of your Passport (Front & Back)
  • Proof of Accommodation – Hotel Booking or Address of any person staying in Thailand 
  • Return Air Ticket
  • Passport size photograph
  • Bank Statement
  • Immigration Card received in the flight

Bank statement with enough funds to afford your stay in the country is a must. Also, carry cash in any currency that you wish to exchange. 

Fees – 

Thailand Visa is currently free for Indians traveling for Tourism purposes. Earlier it was free till October 30th, 2019 but the Thai Government has extended this period till April 2020. This means you can now save approximately 4500 INR on visa fees. 

Getting the Visa Stamp – 

I landed on Suvarnabhumi Airport of Bangkok and moved straight to the Visa on Arrival section. There is a separate line for express service which you can avail by paying 200 THB (450 INR). Also, if you are traveling in a group, you can avail of this service via a different counter in the same section. 

I got into the general queue for individual travelers. Once you get in the queue, an officer will check your documents for correctness and availability. You will be sent to the first available window for submitting your documents. The officer will check your passport and other papers and will give you a number. You will be seated thereafter in the waiting area until your number is called out. 

It took me ten minutes before my number was called out. I received my passport and was asked to get in the line for final stamping. 

During the stamping, my photo was clicked, and fingerprints were taken through the electronic machine. Once this was done, I was handed my passport back and was free to leave the airport. 

After you get your visa stamped, you can either hail a taxi to your destination or walk around the airport to sort out your sim card while you stay in Thailand. 

Thailand Airport is well equipped with all services ranging from Cabs, Private Taxis, Sim Cards, Train Tickets and has a food court open for all passengers arriving or departing Bangkok. 

In case you have a connecting flight but have enough waiting time in between, I suggest you take advantage of the luggage room where you can keep your luggage for 100 THB per bag for 24 hrs. to go out in the city and enjoy it. 

Let me know your thoughts on this post and please let me know your experiences in obtaining a Thai Visa. 

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