Here is how this hidden gem made my otherwise religious trip memorable for life…

I’m a sucker for off-beat destinations. Places where I can just ‘not do anything’ and lie there with my random thoughts about life, death, relationships and what the fuck I’m doing on this earth.

As luck would have it, my last visit was to this chaotic city of Ghats popularly known as Banaras aka Kashi aka Varanasi and I did not expect it to turn the way it did. At the max I thought I would take a morning boat tour and enjoy the sunrise to feel amazing.


We had the day to ourselves before attending the evening Arti at the Dashashwamedha Ghat and were trying to figure out a place to go. Thanks to my friend who chanced upon the not so famous Twin Waterfalls (Rajdari & Devdari) near Varanasi & suggested to visit. When we reached there, I could not bear the existence of such a beautiful place around a city which is overcrowded and full of people honking on the road for no reason at all.

The place is a hidden gem amid chaos and not many people knew about it when we enquired. Not much was available on the internet as well. Just a few lines about it here and there. Thanks to the Google Map and a very patient Ola Driver who took us around the place and waited for us patiently while we soaked in the beauty of the place.

How to reach –

Reaching the waterfall took us around 2-3 hrs from Varanasi city and we did experience a bit of traffic on our way. Be prepared to invest your whole day for this as travel time may vary depending on the traffic you get.

Way to the Waterfall

The place is around 65-70 Kms depending on the highway you take. The best route is SH 97 and after about 2 hrs of travel when you take the left towards the narrow pathway through the sanctuary road, it becomes spectacular.

The narrow road is adorned with hills & light forest on both sides and gives you a feeling of driving through a hilly region. Since it was still cold, it was a perfect weather for us to go to this place. You may find a few pit stops here and there and some houses on the go. Make sure you confirm your way to the waterfall with the villagers to not get lost in this area.

Capturing the background

Once you reach the destination, I promise you won’t regret the distance, traffic and the time you take to reach. You can park your car about 1.5 km from the entry gate and then walk to the waterfall which is only about 50 meters ahead. We traveled in the first week of March when it was still pleasant but on the colder side. The weather was haywire during that week, and it did rain a bit while we were there.

The Spot –

With quite a bunch of people around the place, it was far from being secluded. I wondered why the locals in Varanasi had no idea about such a wonderful treasure in their vicinity?

Scared of looking down

As soon as we reached closer to the rocks, we folded our jeans and wore slippers to not slip on the wet stones and easily cross the water stream to get to the other side of the fall. The water was cold but soothing to the feet and it was fun to hop across the giant boulders and cross the shallow river.

Once we reached the other side of the fall and looked down at the tumbling fall, the view was breath-taking. Time stood still for a moment and I skipped a beat. (fearing heights, of course). I couldn’t fathom that such a place could exist around Varanasi (no offense to the beautiful city in its own way).

Rajdari Waterfall

I could spend hours sitting there and listen to the burble of the fall. Across the fall on the other side was a couple having their pre-wedding shoot. They were creating a lifetime memory to cherish. Others were busy bathing in the fall, and I was just soaking in the wilderness as much as I could.

Just Enjoying the Wilderness

After a while of roaming around, dipping our feet in the cold running water, jumping around the trees for photos, we went back to the entrance where the pit stop was. It will serve you with the necessities like snacks and water to keep you satiated during the trip.

Devdari Waterfall

About 700 meters from the entry gate towards the other side, lies another beautiful fall known as Devdari. Since the waterfall is down below and cannot be reached on foot, you must be satisfied watching it from a distance. However, the view is captivating. You can enjoy sitting on the rocks and look down upon the entrancing cascading water and enjoy the time slipping away.

Best time to Visit –

Captured in one frame

Though this place can be picturesque any time of the year, but I suggest you visit here soon after the monsoons when the torrential rains have stopped but weather is pleasant enough to enjoy through the day. Rainy season may sound nice but practically it won’t be very safe for kids and untimely rains may ruin your adventure.

Closing Lines –

On my way back

The beauty of the place is such that you would want to come here again and again. There is a guest house too which you can book for night camping if I’m not wrong. My next visit to this place would be soon and this time I would camp here and spend the night to tell you about my next adventure. With these plans in mind, we made our way back to the exit and towards the city. This amazing trip had made a place in my heart for various reasons other than just being mesmerizing. Hope you too explore this off-beat picnic spot and create wonderful memories.