Touch Me Not…

She was at the grocery store the other day when she saw him next to the billing counter. His face seemed familiar but she couldn’t recall at the moment. Since she was in a new town and practically knew no one in particular, she couldn’t imagine meeting someone known to her so quick. But his face had left an imprint on her ever since she met him the first time in College. He was charming and inviting. Before she could realize they started dating. His bright face always made her nervous and she was left out of words every time they met.

She turned around to see if he was still there and to her surprise he was right behind her. He smiled and she knew it was him. She gave him a bleak smile back. He came and spoke to her. There he was, she was right. How could she forget a face like this? She agreed to meet him the same night for dinner. The night had been perfect. He got her flowers and she found herself indulged in a romantic setting: a moonlit beach stroll. The night was peaceful but she had dozen questions to ask him.

As she closed her eyes, she re-created a memory, but this time with a happy ending. If only she could make this night last forever.

“John, can I tell you something?” she asked shyly.

“Anything,” John answered. His eyes were soft and smiling.

“I’m in love with you, was and will always be.” she said timidly. “I always felt your presence even when you were not there all these times”. He looked up. His eyes were suddenly intense. He didn’t reply. She was taken aback a bit.

“Never mind” she said., realizing its too soon to say it.

They continued walking and she tried to ignore the awkward silence waiting for him to speak up.

“I ‘m always there with you”. He said.

She wanted to hold him close and hated the distance between them. She gently moved closer to him to feel his touch and he carefully pulled away. She turned around and found him behind her. “I’m dead” said he. She rolled on the floor laughing. After a moment she stretched her hand for him to pull her back, but freaked out as she couldn’t touch him. Her heart was no longer racing with lust. She skipped a beat and couldn’t move and started calling for help but her voice was not audible.

That’s when the morning alarm broke her sleep. She got up with a jolt and turned around to see John lying next to her. She wanted to but avoided touching him for a while.